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PRI-TEC is a full service project and development company which means we can take your construction project right from an idea, all the way through to the finished project

Design Phase



Construction Phase







Design Phase


  • Providing liaison and co-ordination among government authorities, utility companies, and private sector companies


  • Prepare a preliminary budget as soon as the concept of the overall project is developed and break down where necessary for each phase of the work


  • Prepare a preliminary master schedule following detailed studies with all parties concerned, incorporating the sequence and timing of the required basic program decisions, design time, documentation, tender calls, bid evaluations and contract awards as well as on-site construction activities 


  • Establish the final overall budget for the project, based on the latest working drawings and present for the owner’s approval


  • Establish a cost breakdown for control purposes and prepare a cash flow for the project



  • Arrange with the owner for adequate insurance for the project


  • Ensure that all approvals, permits and licenses required for the construction of the work are obtained


  • Pre-order critical materials where necessitated by time factors


  • Pre-qualify contractors for each trade and prepare a list of recommended bidders


  • Prepare all documents for the purpose of calling tenders for various trade contracts


  • Receive and analyze tenders and make recommendations for the trade contract awards


  • Provide technical and financial administration with respect to progress payments, updating cash flow requirements and holdback releases


  • Ensure that “as-built” drawings, maintenance manuals, operating instructions, etc., are properly completed and handed over to the owner


  • Ensure that all trade contractors employed on the project rectify all deficiencies


  • The work upon completion to be carefully inspected by the Construction Management Team and, upon approval, the certificate of completion would be issued


  • A close relationship is to be maintained with the owner’s operating staff to ensure a smooth and proper take-over of the completed building, including all necessary training and instruction of the owner’s personnel